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Seed of Life earrings

Seed of Life earrings

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Kosae fine earrings 

Fine earrings with the "seed of life" as a motif. It is a symbol of the origin of everything and is the precursor to the geometric shape of the Flower of Life. The seed of life appears almost everywhere in the world: in Jewish synagogues, in French churches, in Chinese temples and Egyptian pyramids - and is one of the oldest symbols in the world.

It is designed and produced fairly in Germany in cooperation with Hippsy gGmbH - social psychiatric aid in the district of Harburg. 

Dimensions: Ø 16mm
Material: rose bronze
Earhook material: rose gold plated brass (nickel-free, hypoallergenic)

Over time, this piece of jewelry develops a patina, which can be removed with the enclosed abrasive sponge if you don't like it.

Made in Germany

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