More about the brand


The idea was to create a strong brand that symbolizes strong personality people who like a relaxed style.

The name "Davantti" comes from the Italian word "davanti", which means: in "front": „Continue without looking back! “

Think ahead, into the future. This also applies to conscious purchasing when it comes to information about the origin of products and their impact on the environment.

Initially the goal was the sale of clothes on demand and in 2022 the sale of products from other brands began.

And what's the goal now?

Sell products from brands of small companies, which are not produced on a large scale, as well as coming from fair working conditions respecting the environment.

Some of the brands also support social projects. As you can see here: Projects behind the Products .



The giraffe symbolizes strength, flexibility and mystery. 

The giraffe as a spirit animal helps you to look at everything from a higher perspective and to see all the little coincidences as part of the big picture that makes sense. However, the giraffe is also a noble, graceful and gentle creature whose graceful shape draws attention to themes such as elegance, sensitivity and peacefulness.
As a power animal, the giraffe is therefore also a symbol of the peaceful and therefore non-violent exchange between two hearts and between heaven and earth.



The choice of garments for the Davantti brand was mainly based on their origin, respecting the environment and working conditions. Following this purpose, I decided to choose Stanley/Stella as clothing items supplier.

The Stanley/Stella brand is a member of the FairWear Foundation. This organization advocates, among other things, fair treatment of factory workers in textile production. In addition, their textiles are made from 100% organic cotton (grown in a sustainable way) or 85% organic cotton + 15% recycled materials.

The printing process used is direct digital and the inks used are OEKO-Tex 100 certified. Legal regulations are taken into account for inks and no harmful chemicals are used, even if they have not yet been officially banned. Printing takes place on demand at the partner company located in Cologne/Germany.


Here the sustainability certifications:

Oeko-Tex Annex 4 (recycled products)
Oeko-Tex Annex 6 (organic products)
OCS Blended (organic content standard)
OCS 100 (organic content standard)
GOTS (global organic textile standard)
GRS (global recycled standard)