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Nadja Carlotti

Ring Lizzy

Ring Lizzy

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Hand engraved gold plated ring

Hand engraved 3 micron gold plated adjustable ring. Graphic and asymmetrical, Art Deco inspired, the Lizzy ring is decidedly chic.

The pattern consists of a circle, a line and a triangle and evokes the principles of the Constructivist art movement of the early 20th century. Designed by artist Nadja Carlotti, inspired by the work "Beat the Whites with Red Wedge" (1919).

This type of ring is particularly practical because it is not tied to a specific finger size, so it can easily be worn from one person to another. It also makes a great gift, as the recipient's exact ring size does not need to be known.

Material: 24k gold (3 microns)
Dimensions: L 1.1cm
Adjustable: finger ring from 51 to 56

Caution: It is important to ensure that adjustable rings are not bent too often or too much as this could damage the piece of jewellery.

Ethically made in France

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