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Love Is Project

Achira Harmony LOVE Bracelet

Achira Harmony LOVE Bracelet

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Handmade Bracelet 

500 years ago, the Incas collected achira seeds for use in jewelry, rosaries and musical instruments. Combined with tagua nuts, indigenous symbols of harmony and tranquility.

Love Is Project embodies these historic seeds in the newest Harmony line that promotes tranquility, protection from negativity and, of course, LOVE.
Every purchase creates a sustainable livelihood for Kichwa artisans in Ecuador.

Material: Achira seeds, tagua nuts
• Handmade with LOVE by artisans from Ecuador
• Customizable length (from 5 to 10 inches) with an easy-pull closure
• The packaging includes a protective fabric pouch
• Wristbands are handmade and 100% unique, so you may notice slight color variations
• Jewelry should be stored away from water and with less than 55% humidity.

Supported institutions: It Gets Better Project, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Black Lives Matter and NAACP, The Green School.

Made in Ecuador


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